The Facts


The one and only, Dutch Schultz, a gangster who lived by his own standards which meant no standards at all.

His real name was Arthur Flegenheimer, born in the Bronx, New York in 1903.

He called himself Dutch Schultz after a leading member of the Frog Hollows, a gang operating in New York City during the 1850’s, because as he say ‘Dutch Schultz looks better in the headlines than Arthur Flegenheimer’.

The Dutchman, the ultimate maverick, was simply much too powerful for the other gangs to mess with so the New York City mobsters gave him wide birth and he was pretty much left to his own devices during the late 1920’s although he did have to pay lip service to the Mafia so as to guarantee himself some form of official approval.

However Schultz just could not help getting himself involved in a series of battles with other Mobs especially those lower down the scale. At one time or another he was fighting groups led by ‘Legs’ Diamond, Vincent ‘Mad Dog’ Coll and even the notorious Amberg brothers who ran their empire out of Brownsville. a suburb of New York City.

Italian, Jewish or Irish, it made no difference the Dutchman but the publicity surrounding his conflicts meant that by the early 1930’s Schultz was already attracting attention from Law Enforcement.

Schultz, was well equipped to wipe out his enemies and was confident enough to install himself as the ‘Beer Baron of the Bronx’ following up on his ambitions by muscling out the black gangsters running the numbers racket in Harlem.

In 1935 the Dutchman faced an enemy that even he could not handle in his usual manner. Thomas Dewey, the newly appointed District Attorney for New York was at the age of thirty five was a man of ambition and he saw Dutch Schultz as a target to improve his public standing in the quest to achieve the highest possible office in the United States.

SchultZ was eventually able to escape justice after two trials but not the final Judgement of his peers.

Although born a Jew he requested that he be baptised as a catholic on his deathbed.