The Mafia in Italy


Salvatore Maranzano is sent from Sicily by the local War Chiefs of La Cosa Nostra to organise and strengthen the Mafia in the United States. Aged 60, he is a cruel and cunning adversary, an urbane and chic don – originally a candidate for the priesthood.

Ten years later, the Governor of New York State signs the release of ‘Lucky’ Luciano in recognition of his assistance in ensuring that the Mafia in Sicily would help to repel the German Invaders during the Second World War.



‘Lucky’ Luciano settles in Naples but the Italian Authorities are insisting that he become involved in legitimate business. During the 1950’s the Boss of Bosses takes a job in a shop selling medical equipment.

By 1960 Luciano is short of money. His friends back in the USA seem to have forgotten him. He considers selling his true life story to Hollywood.