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Alias ‘The Big Brain’
Organisation Never needed one
Nationality American Jewish
Territory United States
Rank Banker

The man who fixed the World Baseball Series In 1019. He was the foremost gambler In America. AcknoWedged as being the spiritual father of organized crime in the United States. Credited with providing the inspiration to a bunch of young criminals each of whom graduated into legendary SWUM.

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Alias ‘Mad Hatter’
Organisation Anastasia Crime Family
Nationality Italian American
Territory New York City

Also known as (ho Lord High Executioner. He is executive in charge of Mulder Incorporated. He is renowned for unparalleled brutality. He finally achieved Ms ambition to become a crime boss during the 1950s at the expense of others. NO doubt he would time approved of the efficiency in the planning of his awn assassination.


Alias ‘LEPKE’
Organisation Murder INC.
Nationality American-Jewish
Territory New york

From triggerman for hire in the early 1920s he rose through the ranks becoming Public Enemy Member One in 1939. He turned the Unions across America into his private fiefdom. A sr…nior figure In Murder Incorporated he is to be remembered as the one and only gang Chlet executed in the Undo° states.

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Alias ‘Scarface’
Organisation ‘The Chicago Mob’
Nationality Italian – American
Territory Illinois
Rank The Big Boss

His personality and charisma has propelled him into true icon status. By his mid-twenlies he was the oral power in Chicago. However misjudgements culminating in the St Valentine’s Day Massacre led to his rally retirement. He brags that he will never be convicted for a prohibition related offence in Chicago. He is right… and wrong.

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Alias ‘Prime Minister’
Organisation Genovese Crime Family
Nationality Italian – American
Territory New York/New Orleans
Rank Prime Minister

The ultimate political fixer. He was responsible for ensuring that crime was ‘properly organized’. Although more a businessman than killer it was his strategies that helped maintain the efficiency of the Mafia. He could be counted upon to ‘deliver’ judges, police chiefs and politicians on call. In 1957 he survived an attempt on his life that persuaded him to consider ‘spending more time with his family’.


Alias ‘Legs’ Diamond
Organisation Freelance
Nationality Irish-American
Territory New York State
Rank BodyGuard Turned Boss

Known as a killer supreme in his early years he eventually formed his own crew. Hated by everyone including the police and his own peers he received his nickname because he was able to survive many attempts on his life. He had just upset too many people to continue riding his luck which finally ran out in 1931.


Alias ‘Don Vitone’
Organisation Genovese Crime Family
Nationality Italian – American
Territory New York
Rank Boss

Since the 1930s he was easily amongst the most feared of Mafia Dons with ambitions hardly matched elsewhere. Totally ruthless in his dealings with friends and enemies alike, he was responsible for ensuring that the Mafia remained a power in the Narcotics Trade. It was the US Government which was ultimately responsible for ‘disposing’ of Don Vito.


Alias ‘The Little Man’
Organisation Bug & Meyer Mob
Nationality Polish Jewish
Territory New York
Rank Chairman Of the Board

Born in Grodno Poland he survived half a century as a senior mob figure. Acknowledged to be the financial brain behind the Mafia but as a Jew he was never able to become a ‘Made Man’. Attempted to seek refuge in Israel in 1970 to escape American justice. He was forced to leave only a couple of years later. His remaining years were spent in Miami.

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Alias ‘Lucky’
Organisation Mafia
Nationality Italian – American
Territory New York
Rank CAPD DI Tutti Capi

Undoubtedly the most influential of all Italian-American Mobsters. He built a reputation for criminal cunning during the 1920s that was second to none. In 1931 he was instrumental in the creation of what is now the American Mafia. His reign was short lived. He was sent to prison in 1936 on charges relating to the control of prostitutes. Released in 1946 he was deported to Italy where he lived out his final years, which ended in some controversy.

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Alias ‘Dutch Schultz’
Organisation His Own
Nationality German Jewish
Territory New York City
Rank Boss

Unpredictable to say the least, the Dutchman lived by his own rules. Although considered too unreliable to be admitted as part of the formal organized crime structure during the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Mafia were most wary of causing him upset. He was amongst the first to realise that Prohibition would not last forever. He expanded into other rackets and even entered into the nightclub business. Unfortunately for him, he had made too many enemies both inside and outside the ‘organisation’.

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Alias ‘Bugsy’
Organisation Bug & Meyer Mob
Nationality American Jewish
Territory New York/Las Vegas
Rank Whatever He Chose

A gangster of extreme violence who remained of the firm belief that there was no problem that could not be cured with a murder or two. Took considerable risks in becoming personally involved in mob hits which could have been better left to subordinates. Will forever be remembered for the develoment of the first major Hotel/Casino resort in Las Vegas that turned that hick town into the entertainment centre of the World. Unfortunately for him it was this project that brought about his premature downfall.